About Animal Eye Doctors in Estero, FL and Naples, FL

Animal Eye Doctors was established in 2007 in Estero, Florida. In 2007, Dr Warren joined with Dr Dan Wolf of Tampa, Florida, who had been providing veterinary ophthalmology services to southwest Florida on a part time basis, to make the practice into the first full time ophthalmic specialty practice in southwest Florida. We are the only privately owned (non-corporate) Veterinay Ophthalmology Practice in the “tricounty” region of southwest Florida.

The Philosophy of Animal Eye Doctors

Gentle Care and Compassion

The doctors and staff of Animal Eye Doctors are dedicated to providing our clients with advanced techniques in diagnostics, treatment, and patient care relating to eye conditions and diseases. We work closely with your referring veterinarian for the health and total well-being of your pet. Equally important is the delivery of our services with gentle care, compassion, and professionalism.

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Our veterinary ophthalmology specialty practice serves southwest Florida with offices conveniently located in Estero and Naples and office hours Monday through Friday.