Warning Signs of a Pet Eye Emergency: Advice from a Pet Ophthalmologist in Naples

Eye problems in pets are serious and should never be ignored. Unfortunately, many pet parents are not aware of the warning signs of pet eye emergencies. At Animal Eye Doctors, we always advise bringing your pet in at the first sign of a problem involving their eyes or vision. In addition, however, there are several warning signs that require an immediate exam from a pet ophthalmologist in Naples. Keep reading to learn more about some symptoms you should never ignore.  Continue reading

Dog Ophthalmologist South Florida

Just like people, dogs can suffer from a wide range of eye-related problems. From eye injuries and infections to glaucoma, cataracts and corneal ulcers, there are many issues that could damage your companion’s vision and even have a negative impact on their overall health and well-being. It’s important to seek prompt veterinary care as soon as you notice any potential problems involving your pet’s eyes or eyelids. Eye problems are often emergencies, and the sooner you address them, the more likely that your vet will be able to prevent long-term damage. If your pet is in need of a dog ophthalmologist in South Florida, we can help. At Animal Eye Doctors, we offer a complete range of eye-related services for pets throughout the Estero, Fort Myers, and Naples area. 

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